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How To Download Tutorial & to Get Verified Status | Community Rules & Guidelines

As of now Download are free but there is something you need to do for us.

  1. When you register with us download are free but limited. this mean you are able to download 1 download per minute & limited to download a maximum of 1mb of downloads per day.
  2. When you reach 3 post within our forum, you become verified, your name changes color and receive a badge saying Verified. You become also 2 $ Credit after register Shy
  3. You also need to verify your email address in order to be verified.

What does verified does?
You still have the waiting time to 1 download per min to download but you get unlimited download.

Want to bypass this restriction and go unlimited and verified at the same time?
Well this is possible - send a pm to admin Playful

Rules regarding posting:
No spam like thanks or lol ect..
We want useful post or and the post must have at least 10 characters