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Latest Firmware xiegu x-108 (STANDARD, 2nd batch) 1.35.1

X-108G Standard Latest Firmware xiegu x-108 (STANDARD, 2nd batch) 1.35.1 1.35.1

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Latest Firmware xiegu x-108 (STANDARD, 2nd batch) - V-1.35.1

Update records:

Updated: 2014.11.09

Firmware filename: X108_FW_V135_SOFTPTT
Firmware version number: V1.35B


1, the band changes and then return to the previous band, the frequency remains the original frequency;
2, increasing the key lock function;
3, increasing microphone in hand UP and DN keys to control the stepping of continuous functions;
4, increase the size of the adjustment menu CW Tone
5. PTT microphone in hand to improve immunity.

Description : X108_FW_V1.35.1 firmware.

1. Update the control logic XG multifunction digital microphone in hand "Digital Shortcut band changes" when the when performing this firmware "Digital Shortcut band switching", if the current is in
Within the HAM band, after switching, the current contents of the band are archived, when invoked this band, the archive content is once again restored; unused time on the HAM band if cut,
It is the default state otherwise, the last use.

For example: the current band is 1.8M, LSB; microphone on press start screen appears as white on black "14 keys" (This operation represents the band switched to 14M), where the band is archived content 1.8M,
The contents are read into the 14M band if 14M band is not used, the default value is loaded 14M band: 14.0MHz, USB; otherwise, the content is loaded on the first use of this band when
(For example, the last time this band is 14.27MHz, USB).

2. Modify the physical PTT key detection timing,

There are several short delay, jitter has been the key to avoid the old version of the firmware to detect physical PTT button, then according to user reports, the RF signal will produce false PTT key signal, resulting in
PTT button to detect malfunctions; new modified version of the detection logic for hysteretic logic, press and failure to return the difference between a judge under the two states, thereby eliminating the old firmware malfunction situation.
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